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Poker skills you need to win: Figuring out how the play will go

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Another important skill you need to have to make sure that you will be raking in some money in poker is knowing how a play will go. Figuring out what the next events might be and how players will act is a big advantage for anyone.

poker gameDuring the session here is a possible scenario– upon flop the first player bets while the second player calls, and the third player raises. The first player then three bets while the second player mucks what he has. The second poker player did the right thing to fold but he was also wrong when he called.

Pre-flop, most players will understand their position. Poker books discusses a lot about the value of being on the right position and also have charts to suggest what cards to play on certain positions. After the flop, unfortunately, it is most likely anything goes.

Hoping in poker is a bit on the side of losing poker. You need to know what to do. Here are some poker tips:


Tips to do well in heads up poker

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Playing heads up poker may not be as popular as the other styles of the game but profits can also be good if you know how to play it right. Walking straight to a poker table and risking it all is not really a good idea if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Style of Play

While other poker game styles will recommend that you hold back playing aggressive a bit until the later stages of the game, heads up poker dictates that you play aggressively and use your stack to push out the other players of the game. When you have a good hand in heads up, play it aggressive.


Like any other poker game, you need to read your opponents. You need to know who are tight, who are loose, who will give a good fight, and who will be vulnerable. Knowing these things will help you pick a good strategy so you take home some money.



What do you do with an Ace-King?

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

When you get an Ace King in a round of poker, what you have is a very strong hand to start with especially when they are suited in a no limit hold ‘em. Though you have excellent cards you need the right strategy to play them well and win some chips. It used to be called “Walking Back to Houston” – because as the story goes a lot of Texans would run into AA back in the days when they came to Las Vegas.

Basic Strategy

Ace King AKAce-King can be a great hand but it will be the worst you can have if you miss the flop or caught on in a wrong position. It is a very difficult hand to play versus multiple opponents but remember that an Ace-King has a strong probability to be the best hand. Either of the card can give you the best pair or a very good kicker.

When you have an Ace-King you need to play strong and take control of the table before the flop. It will be best while there is no resistance. Make use of continuation bets after the flop and take advantage of your position to take away the pot.

Stack size

It is critical to know the stack size of your opponents when playing an Ace-King. The key is to do all in when playing against small stack opponents. This will allow you to take a shot of pot maybe against any other pre-flop raiser or caller.



Common Poker mistakes made by beginners

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Poker OnlineAll the poker players especially beginners should know that each and every mistake committed by them on the poker table would cost them dearly. Beginners find themselves trapped with difficult situations while playing poker with professional on the poker table. A small mistake may cost them the entire stack of money.

Poker is a game which requires an easy blend of skill and luck. Instead of acting spontaneously poker players should think and plan their game play strategy which would help them sail difficult situations and opponents.

Players forget that their contribution of money in the last pot was only a miniscule of your bankroll. Beginners forget to analyse the situation in a holistic pattern. They tend to forget importance of their mistakes and move ahead on the poker table with their game.

Beginners should be aware about their blunders so that they can shape their game plan in a better and wiser manner the next time they play or else they would continue making the same blunders. Mistakes made on the poker table are very expensive in nature. If you spend the entire time in protecting yourself from the harsh attacks of the opponents you fail to examine the moves and playing style of the opponents on the poker table.

Beginners should spend quality time examining and studying articles and books written on poker. Just relying on video tutorials or watching tournaments online would not help. If beginners want to master the ancient but effective poker strategies reading is a must.

One of the most simple ways to prolong the participation in a game is coin flipping and this has been projected in a glamorous way. While you are playing a cash poker game it is not right to find a pre-flop coin-flip. Where some players are specialized in being hyper-aggressive, picking up a lot of pots and making a profit because of those and breaking even in the coinflips (Dario Minieri is a great example!) – the real cash game players like Barry Greenstein know better!



Use Your Brain In Poker!

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Think For YourselfPoker has a lot of different trends going about right now, but honestly, I think the biggest trend that is coming about is people relying on the strict guidelines of the game.  That is something that is not going to help you in the long run – after all if you are always following the guidelines, how are you supposed to think for yourself?

That is the question that a lot of poker players do not think about and it is something that they should think about!  Poker is all about using your tactics and also using your brain and if you follow some guidelines, you are not really doing either one.

Poker is a fantastic game when played right and you can play it right – just use your head about it!